2012 Nov to 2013 Jan 101


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Loni Murrow is a bird artist at the National Museum of Natural History, but a few unnatural events draw her back to her home town of Tenetkee, Florida, where mystery shrouds the death of her father. There, her mother insists on behaving badly, and even the creatures of the swamp haunt her as she navigates the wet landscape to pursue a terrible truth. What Loni finds makes her question who she is and threatens her very survival.  


St. Martin's Press

Edited by Virginia Hartman and Barbara Esstman


“A stunning collection of writing by authors representing a myriad of wedding traditions.”

                         —Women’s National Book Association


“Selections from the novels of Alice McDermott, Anne Tyler and Carson McCullers, and short stories from Alice Munro, Stephen Dixon and Francine Prose have the complexity and incisiveness one expects from these masters of the craft. Poems by Sharon Olds, Anne Sexton and Jonathan Galassi are tender and moving…the collection as a whole nicely covers the gamut of contemporary attitudes about tying the knot.”   

                                               —Publisher’s Weekly